In this age, where there’s an abundance of services in each industry and everything is available to us at our fingertips, we rely on other people’s experiences and wisdom to guide us in making the best choices – where to eat, where to have our car repaired, who should do our nails and so on. Word of mouth has become so powerful online that it can make or break a business. As such, not all the sources are to be trusted.

Why? Because, protected by anonymity, users no longer censor themselves and are not using objective arguments to build a constructive criticism towards a service or product they (potentially!) paid for, thus becoming trolls.

An internet troll is a person whose sole purpose is to hide behind their keyboard and ruin others’ reputations by arguing over extremely trivial issues and posting offensive or untrue reviews. 

How to fight internet trolls?

This brand new website lets businesses report fake and unfair reviews while removing the anonymity of the bad reviewer.  That’s right, full names, addresses, phone numbers and even pictures are allowed.  If you can identify a bad reviewer, you can now post them on the Anti-Troll Patrol (

This site puts businesses on a more level-playing field with bad consumers and allows businesses to also assert their right of freedom of speech.  This not only starts a database on trolls, it also shows up on their internet presence.   These cowards, who hide behind their computers, are more likely to negotiate the removal of bad reviews once they are exposed.  However, this site allows the business to remain anonymous!

How do you identify a bad reviewer? 

  • You can use billing information, phone numbers and just Google them.  Reverse phone checks also work well.

Are you likely to be sued? 

  • This is unlikely since the bad reviewer defamed your business.  Also, reviewers lose their right to privacy once they cast themselves into the limelight using the internet in this manner.

We look at it this way, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” and live by free speech-die by free speech.

This site is free for businesses to use but it is brand new and is still evolving.  Hopefully it will become a good tool that can help businesses and regulate companies that encourage business reviews.