Anti Troll Patrol Frequently Asked Questions

How do I spot a troll before doing business with them?
How do I report a troll?
How can I prove that I was trolled?
How can I make sure that they don't troll me again?
Is the Anti-Troll Patrol just for businesses or can it protect individuals as well? What about cat-fishing? What is your scope?
Will people I report here be kept safe?
How does reporting a troll affect them?
How can I see what other businesses have been affected by the same troll?
What legal measures can I take?
Can I have troll reviews removed?
How can you make sure that trolls don't take over the Anti-Troll Patrol? What is your screening process?
What are the mitigation rules?
How accurate is your database?
What if someone who is innocent gets on your database?