The way this woman reacted you would think I took a sledge hammer to her shower. I’ve never seen a woman go so crazy over a faulty plastic shower handle that broke. These handles are famous for breaking with a click. When I told her about it she said, “What did you do.” I told her that I just turned the handle but this didn’t satisfy her. After this, I could not do anything right.
The water was running slow when we went into the bath. She tried to turn it off but it became worse. She was flustered so decided to help. The tub was filling so I opened the drain which stabilized the water. Not rocket science but Crystal was too flustered to act on it. I then worked on shutting off the water and as I was doing so Crystal kept saying, “Don’t do that.” I shut off the water yet in a previous review she said she shut the water off. She was too emotional to do anything but kick me out of her house. I made a very hasty retreat to get out of there. I also told her to tell her landlord to call me which never happened. I’m sure her landlord fixed it for her and everything is better now. It was just a $20 handle.
The irony of this situation is Crystal forgot about her first appointment and did a last minute cancelation. I let her go on the late cancelation fee. Wasting a working slot costs me more than the plastic handle her landlord fixed. Yet I let that go.
This woman is a super troll. As of this date, 8-16-18, Crystal has written 8 reviews, 6 reviews are ones. Merchants, if you encounter this woman, shut your blinds and lock your door, this woman is trouble. She is an emotional wreck and a mean woman.