I’m writing this as a criticism of Yelp.  I have not yet identified the person in charge of these fake reviews but I do have something to say about Yelp.  This is concerning the reviews from Ashley M and Ashley N., The same person.  I could not respond to Ashley N because I didn’t want to hear from Ashley O,P and Q.

In short, Ashley M got mad because I was too busy and could get her in because I was booked 3 weeks out.  She wrote me up for being rude on the phone.  When I responded in a way she didn’t like, she created Ashley N.  Ashley N’s review said “The first words that came out of my mouth was “I’m booked.”

Shame on Yelp for letting these reviews through.  I went through the whole the process of reporting these reviews to no avail.  When I called Yelp, they agreed this was the same person but all they wanted to do is to sell me advertising.

Yelp is so full of abuses, it can never be fixed.  What gets to me is the people who think that Yelp is accurate and truthful.  It’s enough that businesses are forced onto Yelp but to put up with the many abuses is too much.  People need to get smart and not get their news or information from any social media.