Andy is a whiner that complains about everything. He is also not a scientist-he gave me a white glove test after letting his big dogs run on the carpet for 3 days. This was not a fair test. He could have called me back to address the issue but he was too lazy. One of his complaints was about the plastic I used to protect the carpet from varnished and rusty furniture feet. Plastic is plastic. It all works the same. I use shopping bags for environmental reasons and the fact that one size fits all the odd shaped furniture feet that I service. I guess he wants designer plastic or something.

He also gave me stupid advice on what supplies to buy. I can honestly say that I have taken none of his advice on anything he said in his review. Andrew R. Lange struck me as odd when I met him. He has complained about things that nobody else has. I think he should stick with his original service because not only do they have designer plastic but they have designer booties. Andy would look cute in them.