About Anti Troll Patrol

Who We Are

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Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing a safer, more reliable and responsible forum for businesses and their clients to interact online, resolve their disputes and create win-win situations. We want to empower ethical digital marketing for small businesses because we know what the impact of troll reviews vs. constructive feedback and criticism can have on providing better services and better relationships.

Our Vision

We believe that by education online users worldwide and providing them a trusted public forum to exchange constructive criticism and defend their positions in a mindful way, businesses, clients, and third-party users can peacefully and productively coexist both on and offline.

Our Values

We stand by truth, transparency, fairness, respect, and integrity, pledging to do our best in preventing trolls from unfairly ruining a business’ reputation, while also preventing business owners from becoming trolls themselves. We provide a neuter, middle ground for mediation. With transparency comes great responsibility, that will be shared among our users, entrusting that they will not compromise anybody’s integrity, keeping in mind that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.