Consumer and Contractor alerts on Stacey L. Page:

Realevate Specialties, Blankpage Property Management, Real Property Management Titanium.

Beware of these companies especially Stacey L. Page.  This woman not so much a troll but a rip off and the number of complaints about Stacy are astonishing.  It’s hard to find a positive review on line about Stacey L. Page (A San Diego, Temecula property manager).  The one I saw looked faked. Two of these listed companies are a flat one which is like a 0 because 1 is as low as you can go on Yelp.  One company was a 2.  Two companies had no reviews.  There are complaints about Stacy with the BBB as well.  If you are a contractor, take cash up front from this corrupt woman because she will stiff you.  She will lie to you at every stage of the job and will not be there when you need to be paid.  Watch out for these companies and phone numbers that Stacey is/or has been connected: Realevate, 1455 Frazee Rd, Suite 500, San Diego CA.  Realevate Specialists, 1445 Eastgate Mall, suite 200, San Diego CA. Realevate Specialists, 41593 Winchester Rd, Suite 200, Temecula CA.  Real Property Management Titanium, 41197 Golden Gate Cir., Suite 106, Murrieta, CA.  These so called offices are tied together with these phone numbers.  858-997-2100 and 951-461-0100.  Stacey is also connected with Blankpage Property Management with offices at 7317 El Cajon Blvd., Suite 117 also 6941 Galewood St., San Diego, CA.  (The Galewood office/house seems to be on the market.)  The phone Numbers associated with Blankpage are: 844-477-4700 and 619-219-4338.  Realevate on Frazee Rd. is a ghost office with receptionists that only take messages.