Social Media Makes It Too Easy For Trolls To Ruin Your Reputation!

As business owners ourselves, we understand what it is like to have your company’s reputation at stake with no means of defending itself.

In the digital age, it is way too easy to slander someone’s reputation because popular platforms such as Yelp, Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor, and Amazon are enabling an invasion of trolls and fake reviews. These platforms are problematic because they have:

  • little or no user verification process
  • little or no accountability for their users’ online accounts
  • no way of contesting/altering troll reviews

You cannot sue them, you cannot contest them, there is no way to redeem yourself as a business or business owner and that can ruin you as a small business trying to earn an honest living.

So, when the boundaries of good client/business relations are overstepped, Anti-Troll patrol comes in to empower you to take back your business’ reputation.

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Why Join Anti-Troll Patrol?

Popular Review Sites Are Overstepping the Bounds of Client/Business Relations.

We provide you with a productive environment and resources for you to submit and contest troll reviews, a database with documented and known fake/troll users that have been vetted by honest companies, and a trust public forum for you to make contact with users, resolve issues, and clean your reputation.

  • Freedom Speak
  • Resolution Center
  • Minimal & Hands-off Moderation
  • Deal With Problematic Clients
  • Fight Fake Reviews
  • Client/Business Messaging Interface

Creating an Account for Your Business is Free!

Free membership includes a custom account, post about known trolls/unfair reviewers, and resolve issues with real clients.

Featured Trolls

Consumer and Contractor alerts on Stacey L. Page:Realevate Specialties, Blankpage Property Management, Real Property Management Titanium.Beware of these companies especially Stacey L. Page.  This woman not so much a troll but a rip off and the number of complaints...

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Rev. Dr. William G.
Rev. Dr. William G.

I want to remain anonymous with this specific bad reviewer for fear of linking this to my business...but, I wanted to point out the special character to warn other businesses and to shed light on this shady reviewer. Check out Rev. G.'s profile. He obviously loves to...

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Ashley M and Ashley N. (Unfair Review)
Ashley M and Ashley N. (Unfair Review)

I’m writing this as a criticism of Yelp.  I have not yet identified the person in charge of these fake reviews but I do have something to say about Yelp.  This is concerning the reviews from Ashley M and Ashley N., The same person.  I could not respond to Ashley N...

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How it Works

Report the Troll

Sign up for a FREE business account, fill out a public business profile, and submit a review about a known troll on the internet. Our search-engine optimization technology will now rank the troll high on the search engines.

Try to Reach Out to the Troll

With our simple and elegant messaging interface, reach out to the troll. If there was a discrepancy in the interaction with your business, this is a great way to try and resolve that issue and correct the discrepancy. The goal of Anti-Troll Patrol is to stop fake reviews and resolve bad ones so that both the client AND the business are happy.

Review. Removal Exchange. And Resolution.

Once contact with the reviewer has been made and a channel of dialogue reached, come to a resolution with very minimal moderation by Anti-Troll Patrol. We believe it is up to the marketplace to settle disputes fairly and with equal representation. Once an agreement has been reached between client and business, make amends to the relationship by removing each others negative or fake reviews.